Context is Queen

If content is well and truly King, what is Queen? ...Context of course!

There is no need for content if it has no real relevance, or even a need to be there.

Any content can be elegant and articulate, but if it is completely irrelevant or way off target for your audience, you may have well just copied and pasted a chunk of lorem ipsum.

So now, the big question is how do we make sure that we always deliver content which hits the mark?


Get to know your audience from the get go, and you’ll be able to create great content which delivers time and time again.

Although it may be seen as a laborious task at the start of any project, but you really need to commit some time to get your hands dirty and understand your user needs. Meaning a lot of the hard work can be done upfront.

There are many different avenues which you can do down in the realms of user research and strategy, with a process that can be as long as a piece of string. Where do you start?

Firstly, you need to be able to answer one key question, who is your audience? Is it a small demographic, or are you targeting a wide range of people? The quicker you are able to answer this question, the easier it will be to create a solution which really benefits your audience - and inevitably yields great results for your company.

Okay, so you have nailed down your key users, and have really got to grips with who you will be targeting, what next?

If you have any existing content - whether this be on a website, in email campaigns or on social media - review it and really critique if it is targeted and relevant. If you are posting about your amazing stationery range at 6am and your audience is university students, you probably won’t be getting very far. But if you are posting at times where you know, and can see, your potential consumers are more active, you should be onto a winner.

Regardless of whether you have existing content or not, you need to do some investigation into your audience. Thanks to the ever growing real estate of the internet, research is becoming a much more accessible task, meaning even if you are struggling for additional finance and time you can easily undertake some desk research. If you have an abundance of time (or, can create time) speaking to your audience is one of the most invaluable research tasks you can undertake.

So, you think you have a really solid understanding of what your user wants, needs and expects  - what next? Get creating your amazing content.

Now for the tricky bit, to gauge if have you created something great which ticks all of the boxes? Take a step back and review everything, most importantly, take any emotion away which might make you want to hold on to anything which misses the mark.

Post launch, the biggest thing to keep in mind is that one size doesn’t fit all for content, what you created six months ago might be completely off piste for how your brand has developed, or even you might have found a completely new audience group which you never even knew existed!

Do frequent reviews of what you are putting out into the world to ensure it really is hitting all of your key requirements and that your audience really are loving it, and even better, spreading the word.

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