Navigating your social strategy

In a world of constantly changing terms and trends, ‘Social Media Strategy’ is thrown around frequently. But what actually is a ‘Social Media Strategy’? And more importantly, how can it help you?

Firstly, let’s answer the biggest question of ‘why do we need a social media strategy?’. It’s good that you ask, because without it, your business could be failing to reach a wider market which will help to grow and expand your consumer base. Everyone from your local fish and chip shop to a global airline need a solid plan for social media to ensure that their communications are targeted, succinct and (arguably) most importantly, on brand.

A strategy for your social platforms helps you to plan, and deliver the most engaging content whilst also increasing your final conversion level.

For many, the social strategy is often forgotten in the annual marketing plan leaving platforms such as Twitter and Facebook as an afterthought where replicated content this published ad hoc. This haphazard attitude to digital communications needs to be targeted head on before brand's online presence falls by the wayside. There’s no two ways about it, online marketing is extremely important in a business’ everyday life.

Ensuring that your brand is strongly represented across several platforms can be extremely difficult, you need to ensure that your tone of voice is on point and that you are using the right channels for your audience. If you are trying to target 16 year olds, you are better off funneling your efforts into Snapchat than trying to send out lots of content via Linkedin. Equally, if you have a wide audience, for example a chocolate brand, you need to make sure each platform has its own unique, tailored messaging to ensure it really captivates its audience.

Creating a social media strategy can be a difficult, time consuming task, as requiring the development and understanding of your brand, tone of voice and audience. It also requires an in depth knowledge into each social platform and the intricacies which will ensure the delivery of optimized engagement.

At Wool Digital, we architect unique social strategies for businesses of all scales to create a robust digital marketing plan - once your roadmap is created we can leave you to deliver your own great content or we will execute your plan for you along with monthly reports of delivery and engagement. For more details, contact

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