Technology for good

At Wool, we are huge fans of the idea of doing digital for good, we love are inspired and motivated by creating solutions which truly improve the actions of others along with having a positive impact.

So, why are Wool interested in tech for good, and using our platform for making positive waves?

It’s not just the feel good factor.

It’s the fact that you can’t put a return of investment on life or good. You can’t quantify the good of planting a tree in Brazil, just like you can’t put a cap on working with those who need it. There is so much out there to be explored, and so many solutions out there which can make impact bigger than ourselves.

When we think of tech and the lack of people using it, we probably think of those in third world countries, or even those closer to home who are homeless or older, however, this simply isn’t true. For example, did you know that 5.3 million people in the UK will never go online and 12.6 million people in the UK have no digital skills. We live in a world where it is expected for people to be able to do things online with ease, and yet so many people are struggling.

Did you also know, 90% of employers expect digital skills and will physically not hire those people who do not have these skills, we need to bring equality of skills to everyone to ensure employability across the entire board.

Another startling fact being that top level directors who have little experience in digital and, so, see no point in it, are reluctant to spend any money on this area meaning that the injection of cash into tech and digital can sometimes be small, when there is such a large potential return in reality.

On the flip side, there are a huge number of the people who you expect not to be online actually are. You might not expect it, but a large volume of the elderly, homeless and sex workers are using tech to improve their lives. For example, I recently heard a story of an elderly woman, learning to use an Xbox so she could interact with her grandchildren, both amazing and inspiring.

Thanks to the nature of the tech industry, there is a plethora of options which can be explored to use digital to enrich and support everyone’s everyday lives, the key is to explore as many options as possible.

At Wool, we are all about increasing the inclusion and reach of all things digital and love speaking to those who are also passionate about the web. Although we are unable to breakdown all of the walls which are in the STEM industry, we are always looking for ways in which we can architect solutions which truly enrich people’s lives.

If you would like to discuss a project with us, or just fancy a free coffee, give me a ring on 0161 635 0045 or drop an email to


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