Women In Tech — Why Are We Still A ‘Thing’?!

As a lady within the tech industry, i’m all for other females and girl power. I’m also more than for bridging the gap within the industry, because, let’s face it, it’s 2017. Bex, (@rebeccawho) is all kinds of onboard with this too, and, kind of like a token woman is asked to talk about this topic, maybe just a bit too much. So we were in-store for a great presentation. Proper power to the people feminist stuff with a side of perfect wit.

The first slide, ‘Things that piss me off? Speaking as a women in tech’. Brilliant.

So, why is women in tech a problem? In 2016, there was a 60:40 split of male to female, which, we can probably all agree, it’s pretty damn good. But, now in 2017, the split has vastly widened to 72:28. So yeah, we definitely need to get some more ladies in the industry.

Next, Bex explored if she should talk about how to fix the issue? With interest in STEM topics dropping dramatically at the age of 15, women in tech aren’t really seen as ‘cool’.

What about doing something to improve the situation? Well, what can be done when you a speaking to an audience of people, who are primarily in tech?

Instead, why not list things which piss off Bex, as a ‘women in tech’?

The high heels row. It’s really great (not) that employers can legally make ladies wear heels if they want. Now, i’m a huge fan of heels and personally wear them everyday, but I know that not all of my fellow sisters fancy doing that.

Equalities and non believers in feminism, because, yeah, let’s face it. There is nothing more ridiculous than everyone being treated equal?!

Articles which are geared towards women. Again, i’m a big lover of fashion and beauty magazines, but sometimes, I find myself simply shaking my head at the glossies content. Who signs these off?!

The gender pay gap — studies have found that when more women enter into a workforce, the salary average massively decreases.

Women claim they haven’t ever experienced any issues, so, the issue doesn’t exist.

Gamergate. So many male gamers. So so so many.

Women in tech generally just being a thing.

The IT Crowd fuelled media representation of the tech industry. Let’s face it, it’s pretty off putting for any little girl who loves make-up and clothes.

Uber being shit heads.

Google, also being shit heads.

If you are reading this and still aren’t entirely convinced by the divide by women in tech, here are a few nice examples which i’ve taken from Bex’s presentation.

Quote from a man in tech, in 2017. ‘Women, I would argue, have more than enough advantages now over men in so many ways. Sure, there’s a long way to go to apply these advantages but there is a real risk of going too far’

Someone who works in tech, 2016. ‘Where I worked previously, they had a special table where they grouped all of the women employees together so they could talk about stuff.. Like shoes, I guess.’

This one, is a nice fact, from a study into male status and performance female moderated hostile and amicable behaviour. ‘The men that were the worst players were the ones that treated women badly — so they could feel ‘manly’ again.

And, finally, a quote from a fellow woman. ‘If anyone needs anything they always try and get it off me (the only woman) by getting me on my own and being dominant. They don’t do that with the other staff.’

We honestly loved Bex’s presentation, and totally agree women in tech shouldn’t be a thing anymore. It should just be, you know, people doing amazing jobs in tech. At Wool Digital, we are always looking for great talent to work with, if you think you are a truly wonderful person in digital drop us a line, hello@wool.digital or contact us at all the usual social places, @wooldigital.

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