Wool Weekly - Volume 1

Hello, and welcome to Wool Weekly, where the Wool team explore all things of the past week, or maybe just a few things, it all depends on what has happened really.

As this is the first Wool Weekly, I thought we would go all things introduction to Wool and what we do.

Wool Digital is a full service digital agency who offer everything from digital strategy to website development. We specialise in support services for businesses meaning big or small we are able to on-board and maintain your current solution; we will never suggest a rebuild to a client when your site doesn’t require it! And the best bit, we only charge for the hours we use, if you want 20 hours one month and 2 the next, then perfect — we can accommodate completely to your needs. As an extra special, Brucie bonus, we also plant a tree in Brazil for every hour which we work for our clients — we are passionate about making the world a better place and love giving back to the environment. So much so, i’m pretty much banned from printing and we recycle EVERYTHING.

If you have any questions on anything else we get up to at Wool Digital, or just fancy a free coffee, drop me a line at hello@wool.digital or give me a call on 0161 635 0045. 


0161 635 0045